Friday, March 13, 2009


This week has been long, so long that if the length of a week
could be measured in chocolate, my name would probably be
Willy Wonka. So maybe Im a little delirious? Who knows.
Talked to Heath earlier, he is coming Sunday and bring a load
of stuff to put away in storage. We need to find a house to rent in
Snyder. Something thats 3 bed 2 bath(preferrably) with a fenced in yard
for the kids and the dog, in a nice neighborhood. Am I asking too much.
Im not sure how much we could afford every month, but right now
our finances are not in good shape and were starting over with them.
Pray that we find the perfect house for our family. March is just about half
way over, and soon enough Shaina will be getting married and Easter, then moms
birthday, mothers day, memorial day, and then...SUMMER. We are hoping
to actually take a family vacation this year. JUST THE 4 of us! I hope we get to do that!
We are in MUCH need of it. Heath has a job waiting on him when he gets to Snyder,
PRAISE GOD! He will be working for David Naizer at D&D Design Tech. God is SO GOOD!
I start Monday keeping an 11mo old little girl, she is precious. When we get in our own house
I will be looking for one more to take on. Pray pray pray that we find a house!
Mom has graciously offered to let us stay with her until we find something, but we need
to be in our own space, so we dont mess hers up. I am going to add more people to this blog thing
so I can catch up with everyone.

Heaths job!
New Kardashians Season in 2 days!
My new job!

Not so yays:
Heaths current stress-work.
No house, just yet.

I have breath and Im praising the Lord.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Is this thing on?

Yes, it's true. A blog. I know what your thinking..
these people really have time for a blog. What can
I say? It helps to vent into the computer screen every
now and then. Now, lets hurry and get the introduction
out of the way. Heath, Tara, Matthew, and Kelan. Thats us!
No more, no least that were aware of.

Heath is working in Eden while Im here in Snyder with Kelan
staying at my moms house. I miss him terribly but get to talk
to him on the phone every day. Kelan is a CONSTANT reminder
of just how much I love him. She is a complete mimik of him (and
Matthew) Trying to find a job in Snyder isnt as easy as I anticipated.
(Although I am enjoying watching my News Channel 11-sad I know.)

With an unfinished associates degree, I can't get very far, but I can't
get an associates degree until I can GET a job, and PAY for school.
SHEESH! Pray that I find something as soon as Im supposed to.
It's supposed to rain all week but somehow I can't see it happening.
Never question Texas weather.
Mother nature likes to throw a run of W's while playing phase 10
(weather edition of course).
Now for the end of the blog:
Kelan eating 3 helpings of her dinner, and going to bed WITHOUT MEDS!
Heath made it home to Eden, safe and sound and is cold free.
Kelan has PLENTY of clothing to get her through the next 5 years of her life.
(More are always welcome though! If I have to change her 5 times a day,
well then thats just what we'll do!)

Not so yays:
Its hard being here without Heath and going to bed by myself.
No job yet
In desperate need of a haircut
Dodie dosen't feel good!